Fox News Reports on Nonsensical Asian Tattoos

12:28 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Fox News, known for its "fair and balanced reporting", did a story about the trend of nonsensical Asian tattoos and tattoo removal.

story link or pdf

Although Hanzi Smatter was not mentioned in this article, the story was a good plug for Dr. Tattoff, a tattoo removal service based in Beverly Hills, California.

"And for specialists in tattoo removal, it’s more than an excuse for humor — it’s great business.

Morel said that his business averages between seven and nine clients a week seeking to get an Asian-language tattoo removed. Of those, he said, five or six typically complain that their tattoo was mistranslated or didn’t say what they originally thought it did. Many got their tattoos in the mid-‘90s and tired of the fad, he said.

And Morel predicts the next big tattoo fad people will want off.

'It's like the lower-back tattoo — the tramp stamp — probably will be.'"

I am happy to see some people are finally realizing this stupid trend and doing something about it. Dr. Tattoff perhaps should give me a cut when I refer clients to them.