If I could have anything at all...

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... right now it would be time. Time time wonderful time - and the energy to exploit it.

As we can all see, it has been nearly a month since my last post which reflects just how manic life is right now. Yet, with a little gentle prodding from an appropriate quarter, here I am at last. Progress on books 2 & 3 is steadily frenetic or frenetically steady or are these oxymoron. The aim is (Lord willing) to have Book 2 - called Lamplighter - out May next year, that being 2007, and for Book 3 - of a name I shall not at this time disclose - a year later.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to comment here, or email me. Such encouragement - constructive or enthusiastic - is sheer gold and makes this whole writing thing a doubled delight.
(Apologies to Alex for my absence from Redifinition camps - I've taken a hiastus from youth group leading to live other lives.)
(Apologies also for any distractions from study. Ah... procrastination, friend and foe...)

It has been asked if there will be other series after this'un - I sure hope so. Depends on the success of MBT I suppose, but if it were up to me, most certainly. The Half-continent was and is still being made for many many many stories to happen in. It was made first for the stories to come second. Which leads me to a misconception I have encountered regarding "Foundling": that some think I spent 13 years on that one story, which bain't the case. 13 years and counting for the world itself (think of it as researching my subject matter, only I invent as I research. Yeah?) & about 18 months for the 'Foundling' story, from go to whoa, using the setting of the Half-continent that I have been constructing.

Today for breakfast I ate All-Bran [TM] with Milo [TM] liberally sprinkled on top. Mmm.

Half-Continent synonyms for real-world terms #002

car =
pull-caboose or autalentum/lentumauta or necessarium - sometimes abbreviated to necessary, as in "Please, let my man convey you forthwith in my necessary."