A Blogful Butterfly

3:10 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

A brief line to gratefully acknowledge Monster-Blood Tattoo: Foundling's inclusion in the ALA Best Books for Young Adults list for 2007! Sincerest delighted thanks to the 'judges' and congratulations to all the other works who were nominated and/or selected.

Also I just want to let folks know I am blogging over at Inside A Dog as their Writer in Residence for the month of February, so please, head over there for some more blogging fun. I have to be regular there so (as I said last post) it may just make me more regular here.

Editing with MBT 2 is at very very early stages, and the Explicarium for Book 2 is ticking along nicely and will (Lord willing) be done very shortly... and I haven't forgotten those questions still need answering.