The Guy Who Wanted to Get Pregnant

3:01 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

For all intents and purposes, we have here some kind of pagan male pregnancy totem.

First, there is the writing, a declaration, "He Shall be Pregnant!", in Hebrew, permanently tattooed on our subject's limb.

You can also see a bush, obviously representing an invitation to the spot at the local gay cruising park, where this guy conducts his baby making attempts.

Now that we've all had our laugh, here is what went wrong:

The Mpreg Dude wanted to tattoo the most sacred name of God, YHWH, but unfortunately, didn't pay very close attention to his spelling, getting a Resh instead of the Vav, thus changing the meaning entirely.

The letters Vav and Resh might look similar, but they are very much not the same.

Now, observe the difference between "YHWH", God's most sacred name, and "Yhare" which translates in Hebrew to "He Shall be Pregnant":

A word of caution. YHWH is one of the most potentially offensive Hebrew tattoos. It's God's most sacred name and mustn't be used in vain. Jewish people don't pronounce it as is, not even in prayer, so think good and hard before you decide to tattoo YHWH on yourself.