This is why Unique is Overrated

1:26 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today we have a true feat of originality.

This girl wanted the expression "We are all born unique, but most die a copy", written in Hebrew across her back. Those of you who regularly visit Bad Hebrew Tattoos can probably tell, this kind of thing never ends well.

I must admit that I was delighted to find a tattoo disaster that isn't of religious nature! And boy, does this one deliver...

Basically, her tattoo says:
"We are allborn only but many stamping tool as to copying"

This Hebrew tattoo has many mistakes, but the worst one, by far, is the translation of the word "die".

In English die means: To cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions; become dead.

Unfortunately, it isn't the only meaning of "die". There are quite a few others. Such as: An engraved stamp for impressing a design upon some softer material, as in coining money.

Our miserable victim somehow picked the wrong meaning of die. What actually got translated to Hebrew is the stamping tool.

Other errors include:
  1. Conjoined words. There should be a space between "We are all" and "born".
  2. "Unique" translated as "Only". These two words are of close meaning in English, in Hebrew you can't use one instead of the other.
  3. "Copying" - The tattoo says "Maatik", which is the act of copying, taking place right now.

This is how you do it right:

The summary of today's lesson: Unless you speak fluent Hebrew, never attempt translating a complex expression all by yourself. Automatic translation services don't count as qualified help either.