First Learn a Language, THEN Use It

10:54 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Just found this one yesterday and it gets a direct ticket to the top of the pile, it is just that good:

The victim explains: "The word is Tshalach which is hebrew and means that my spirit is growning for more of the holy spirit."

And how did she acquire said word? By switching her keyboard to Hebrew mode and typing in the English letters. Hell, we've seen it all before. The result, as you can probably guess, is total nonsense.

There's a lesson here boys and girls. If you aren't coherent in your own mother tongue, do not attempt a tattoo in a foreign language that you don't know. Also, don't do drugs.

For those of you interested in the word "Tshalach", it is a misspelled Hebrew word for "You Will Send", it refers to a male sender and is actually pronounced "Tishlach". This incorrect and unremarkable word became somewhat famous by starring in a Christian song by one Eddie James. Here, check it out:

Still interested? This is how you write "Tishlach" (You Will Send) in Hebrew:

I urge you against getting this tattooed on your skin, as it's just a mundane word, it carries no special meaning.