Gender Bending the Hindu Deity

4:29 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Being spiritual is all well and good, but this guy went a bit too far. On his back you can see an Aztec deity in Ouroboros form, a Chinese character for tiger, and to top it all - some Hebrew writing, referring to another pagan deity.

You can only scavenge from other cultures so much, before something goes wrong...

The Hebrew states, in a grammatically correct way: "Kali is one, and he's everything".

This is the Hindu deity Kali:

Unfortunately, Kali is a goddess, she's very much female. The tattoo made her into a male. The Hebrew language is very gender-specific, there are actually 3 male words in that 5 word tattoo.

I can't help but feel that this gender-bender tattoo is just deserts for someone who thought it was clever to tattoo his devotion to a pagan goddess in Hebrew of all languages.

* Thanks to Tian from Hanzi Smatter for translating the Chinese character!