Sorry, God Just Doesn't Like You Much

3:35 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Movie time! Today we get to watch the birth of an "oh so spiritual" religious tattoo.

This girl went in for an ambitious "I will walk by Faith" Hebrew tattoo on her foot, then uploaded the film to YouTube:

Observe the end result:

We've had a backward faith tattoo, featured on BHT before, and guess what? Today's faith tattoo has the exact same mistake, it is also spelled backwards. Maybe God simply doesn't like people to express their faith by means of a Hebrew tattoo, seeing as that kind of wreckage just keeps happening.

Aside from being directionally challenged, this tattoo, reading "Ani Elekh Ba'emuna" is understandable, though somewhat awkward sounding in Hebrew. In my opinion "Ba'emuna Elekh" would be much better.

Right. For today's Hebrew lesson, we'll learn to write "I will walk by Faith" in Hebrew. Top expression is what the victim originally wanted. Bottom one is my improvement. Use them at your own discretion.