Your Name is What? Jessica

8:13 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today's victim, a girl named Jessica, wanted her name tattooed in Hebrew. Check out her tattoo:

Those of you familiar with Hebrew, can notice two interesting facts:
  1. The tattoo is written in script
  2. It actually says Jetsica
I had to mention the writing being in script, as it suggests that this tattoo was composed by a native speaker - either a stupid or a drunk one. He used the Hebrew letter Tsadi for the S in Jessica, even though Tsadi sounds nothing like S. Tsadi doesn't even have an equivalent letter in English, and it sounds like "ts" or like "zz" in pizza.

The correct way to write Jessica in Hebrew, is by using a Samekh - it sounds exactly like S. You can see two versions of Jessica below, the first written in script (my own handwriting) and the second is in print.