Biblical Switcheroo - Never a Good Idea!

4:20 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today we have a guy with issues. He apparently wanted the following tattooed in Hebrew: "Where I Go, Ye Shall Follow". Possessive much? I think so.

Anyway, this is what he actually got permanently inked on his arm:

When translated from Hebrew to English, it goes along the lines of "You Go, I Go, Because to Where".

Apparently our Tarzan decided to base his tattoo on a famous biblical verse, Ruth 1:16, where in a touching moment Ruth tells her mother in law Naomi: "For where you go, I will go".

This guy though, he wanted to modify Ruth's plee to suit his needs, and he had the right idea too - the verse should be reshuffled. Good idea, bad execution.

This is "For where you go, I will go" before external intervention:

The sharp eyed can see that our victim simply switched places the two parts of this sentence for his tattoo. It's never a good idea to pull something like that without some basic knowledge of Hebrew. You can never assume that the structure of a Hebrew sentence will be magically similar to its English equivalent.

And this is what he should have done to achieve his creepy "Where I go, ye shall follow":

Before we wrap it up, I just have to add that in both cases we speak of non gender specific "I Go" and of a female "You Go". If you're thinking of some other configuration for your tattoo, don't use this!