Son's Love; Dad's Obedience

9:00 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

This guy wanted his tattoo to be something special. Not just a bunch of letters and a random doodle, oh no. His tattoo is beautiful and elaborate, obviously well crafted:

But what do we see on the bottom? Is it Hebrew writing? Lets take a peek!

Right. This is where well crafted ends.

From a first glance, this Hebrew tattoo just looks weird. Apostrophes and double-quotes everywhere! When you really think about it, however, you may realize they are not apostrophes or double-quotes after all. Instead, it's the letter Yod - the bastardized version.

Now that the letters are all sorted, this tattoo reads:
"My father is a soldier of God and his crowd[misspelled]. My father obeys"

Did he mean to say that? I honestly don't know.