A new year, a new... thing...

3:20 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Well, just to be different I have not begun the year with a January first wow-wee blog post; I have waited instead until the day before I move house for the 6th time in 10 years. Was it just me, or did the entry into this new year seem a tad low key?

Well, here we are, 2010 - the year of Factotum, of The Corser's Hinge, of me thinking about and beginning a new tale: I have a few notions kicking around about what could be told next, certainly it will be set in the Half-Continent (I do not think I have much to say beyond it...)

I think maybe some manner of adventure (a nice, contained middle-class kind of adventure, of course) might be in order, something to revive a soul rung a bit thin after 6 years on Rossamund's story.

What are you folks thinking might be good for the new annum?

BTW: in a fit of ego, whilst checking the spelling of "annum" at The Free Dictionary, I found that they had an entry on me (I couldn't resist!) A little buzz for the ego...