Eternally Misspelled

11:14 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today's victim went in for an "Eternity" Hebrew tattoo, got a proper translation and everything. Alas, it is so very difficult to match what you see in a picture to the actual letters that come out of your keyboard...

Lovely, isn't it? Three letters, and she even managed to get one of them right. Good job!

Instead of "Netsach" (eternity in Hebrew), her tattoo says "Betsat" which means "egg of". The girl just needs to add "surprise", and her tattoo will take a much tastier turn...

One of the mistakes is the same one that brought to the downfall of Wise Guy from previous post, with the Hebrew letters Tav and Het which are somewhat similar to each other.

The other mistake, however, is far stranger. The Hebrew letters Bet and Nun look nothing alike!

And this is how you correctly write "Eternity" in Hebrew:

Remember boys and girls, when mapping your Hebrew letters from a picture - it's important to get an exact match. Kinda-sorta matching is not good enough when your skin is on line!