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Well, the final chapter is re-re-re-rewritten and I am now working on the US edit notes for the third draft. Thought I'd take a break to answer a couple of questions from last post.

First off the rank, Alyosha asked: When Rossamund is setting out on his adventures, and receives the gift of a fine valise in which to carry his few belongings, he has a strong feeling that whoever made the valise intended good things for it’s owner. What’s more, when he’s packed it and lifts it, he finds it much lighter than he expected considering all that’s inside. On one hand, both of these things could be put down to the excitement of a young man at the start of an adventure. On the other hand, for someone who, at a later point in the story, can feel the pull of the moon even when it’s hidden behind clouds, maybe feelings of that sort have some real weight to them. Is Rossamund’s valise more than it seems?

Indeed it is, sir, well spotted! Indeed, you are the first person to do so (well to tell me at least) so my respect! Unfortunately there seemed little scope in the story that came out of me to explore it further, so I left it just as these obscure references. What is actually is I am not sure whether to talk about here or wait to explore in some other story...? Preferences, anyone?

Well, Asia, after some consultation with me they are changing the name to The Foundling Trilogy (I was most enamoured with Rossamund Bookchild, but it was felt that anything with the word 'child' in it might put off older readers; I disagree and think this is overthinking the matter, but only have so much say with an entire ocean between my US publishers and I), with the three individual volumes remaining Foundling, Lamplighter, Factotum.

As to factotums (properly, factotii, Tornac, they are indeed just servant/secretaries who usually can fight a bit too. Threnody's awe is not at Rossamund becoming a factotum, it is that he is becoming a factotum of the Branden Rose!, that she believes Rossamund beneath such an honour. All factotii have distinction not so much because of what they are or do, but rather who they do it for. Great question.

Finally, Carlita has just got wind of the film deal which I can confirm as true. As of right now there is a director assigned (cannot as yet divulge names, sorry) and a writer, and some significant interest from effects companies. So no still no guarantee that it will be happening, but goodly steps closer to an eventuality.