This Too Shall Pass

10:38 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

According to Wikipedia, "This Too Shall Pass" is an expression taken from a Jewish folktale about King Solomon. To this guy, apparently, it means a lot, as he decided to tattoo the expression in Hebrew, on his ribs.

I find it a bit ironic that a permanent tattoo says "This Too Shall Pass". Had it been correct, I might have found it a bit clever too.

In any case, while the spelling on this Hebrew tattoo is fine, there is one big flaw - it lacks spacing between the words of the expression.

See, "This Too Shall Pass" reads in Hebrew as "Gam Zeh Ya'avor" - 3 words. There should be spaces between the three words. Like this:

Or like on this Hebrew T-Shirt:

This too shall pass, Hebrew T-Shirt

Yes, boys and girls. It might come as a shock, but the Hebrew language utilizes the space. Just like English. Don't forget to use it!