Wake Up! Your Butterfly is Burning!

9:15 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Observe the colorful mess of a tattoo below. Oh yeah, it's another spiritual-wannabe Hebrew tattoo - the best kind out there!

According to the victim, this Hebrew tattoo is supposed to refer to a biblical story about Jesus. In this story (Mark 5:41), Jesus resurrects a dead little girl, by saying to her "Little Girl, Wake Up". Jesus, of course, spoke Aramaic, and in it the expression is "Talitha Cumi".

Our victim here, decided for some reason to get "Talitha Cumi" in Hebrew. However, instead of getting her words from a Hebrew bible, which can be easily found online, she transliterated them to Hebrew herself. Need I say that she got it wrong? The resulting Hebrew tattoo is written backwards and misspelled, not to mention that it has no real meaning in Hebrew, being an Aramaic expression.

If you're very set on "Talitha Cumi" for your Hebrew tattoo, this is how you should write it:

And to wrap things up, I have to mention that burning butterfly. I mean, what's up with that? I can get a burning bush reference, but don't you find burning butterflies a bit sadistic?