Love with Extras

12:45 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today's victim wanted a Hebrew tattoo saying "Love":

Well, she sure got it... and then she got some free extras on top!

It's a bit strange. The word "Love" (Ahava in Hebrew), is written perfectly well, and in a nice font too. Unfortunately, there are two extra Yod letters above it - that simply don't belong!

Not only that those Yods shouldn't be there, but they are also placed horizontally, while the rest of the tattoo is done vertically.

Maybe they're supposed to be initials? If the girl wanted to write initials, this is absolutely not the way to go about it, since even if we ignore the vertical/horizontal mismatch, the Hebrew language still has this concept called spacing, and it should be applied between any two words.

To compare, this is how you'd write "Love" in Hebrew, vertically. See what was left out?

EDIT: This Hebrew tattoo was confirmed by the owner herself to say "Rak Ahava" - Only Love. Now that it has been pointed out, I can totally see it. 

Still, I wouldn't have guessed myself that was what it said, so this post continues to be archived under "Sloppy Styling" category.