Wrong Place for Forgiveness

11:21 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today I bring you two victims, both with the same mistake.

First, check out this girl's ink. She wanted to get a "Forgiveness" tattoo in Arabic. Did I say Arabic? I sure did...

As you can see, this is very much not Arabic, but Hebrew. However, this is not "Forgiveness" either. Forgiveness, in Hebrew, is Slicha. There is also a multiple form (forgivenesses?) Slichot.

This particular Hebrew tattoo says neither. It says Slichoch which isn't a real word and just sounds funny.

Okay, now for the second victim:

This tattoo is not only misspelled - says the meaningless non-word Slichch, but it's real ugly too.

Why did these mistakes happen? It's the similarity of several Hebrew letters, which can confuse the hell out of novice Hebrew scholars:

So how do you write "Forgiveness" in Hebrew? Like this:

By the way, it also means sorry, which I bet these people really are.