Spiritual or Gangster?

1:21 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today we have yet another example of Christians making up their own Hebrew words. Remember Tshalach? This one is an apple from the same tree.

The unfortunate Hebrew tattoo was supposed to say "Worship with arms extended", which according to the victim is "Yadah" in Hebrew:

Of course, "Yadah" doesn't mean anything of the sort. It means either "threw [stones]" or "her hand". It doesn't matter, though, as the tattoo doesn't say "Yadah" - it says "Yarah" which is quite a different word. A word that means "Shot [a gun]" in Hebrew. Oh well, at least now it does have arms in it.

Now, see how similar the letters Resh and Dalet are? That's how your "Yadah" turns into a "Yarah".

Thinking of getting a Christian spiritual tattoo? Be careful not to end up with incriminating gang ink instead!