Your Love is an Insult

12:15 PM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

Today's victim was apparently going for "True Love" in Hebrew, but didn't quite get there. Something was lost in translation, and she ended up with this:

This lovely Hebrew tattoo, found and sent in by Ian, does not say "True Love", it doesn't mention love at all! Instead, it roughly says "Truly Insultable". Roughly, because Insultable isn't a real word in Hebrew either. The gust of it is unmistakable, though.

"True Love" in Hebrew is "Ahavat Emet", while our victim's scribble reads "Aliv Emet". Love, Aliv, kind of sounds similar. Could it be some strange transliteration mistake? We'll probably never know.

Anyway, this is how "True Love" is properly written in Hebrew: