Cross Tattoos

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Cross tattoos are popular because people love to represent their religion, spiritual beliefs, or really like the cross design. I put together a bunch of different awesome cross tattoos and designs for everybody to check out. Hopefully some of these tattoos will give you great ideas for you to use when decided on what tattoo you will get.

It is very important that you think long and hard on what kind of tattoo you want before going ahead and getting it. Tattoos are very permanent, so you want to be absolutely sure that you are going to like your new tattoo before getting it inked on your body. If you are thinking about getting a cross tattoo, check out some of these below and also do a search online for more. Also be sure to talk to your tattoo artist first and look at some of their work. Here is a really amazing cross tattoo.

I love the size and location of this one. The silver border around the cross is also very neat. The solid black color of this one makes it really stand out and very bold. If you are thinking about getting a cross tattoo, this one would be a great one to get.

Here is a really cool stone cross tattoo design. Notice how you can see small cracks in the stone, this makes it look old. The border and stone style of this one is really neat too.

This tattoo has a lot more color and is more similar to Jesus' cross. I love the detail in this one. The fact that you can see the wood grain in the cross is stunning. Plus the color of the wood and the blue color is amazing. Many tattoos are just black and white in color, but when you add color to a tattoo it can make it really pop. Not only is the color really well done in this one, but the shadows, lighting, and everything else in this one is extremely well done. Because it is so well done it looks extremely realistic. This is probably my favorite cross tattoo.

Here is a cross tattoo located on a guy's back. This is a really cool location for a cross tattoo. Similar to the one above, this one also looks like it is made of stone.

Here is a really neat 3d cross tattoo. I like this one because it is very simple and has that cool 3d effect. The black part of the tattoo is the shadow of the cross.

Celtic cross tattoos are also another popular kind of tattoo. Here are a few Celtic cross tattoo designs for you to consider.

Thank you for checking out these amazing cross tattoos. Hopefully you found one that you really liked, or at least got some really good ideas for your own tattoo. If you would like to add your own to this site, just send us an email and we can add it on here. If you like these tattoos, you can share them with your friends online on your favorite social sites. Thanks again so much for reading and checking out these great tattoos.