Koi Fish Tattoo

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Koi fish tattoos are extremely popular these days. The Koi (or Coy, or nishikigoi) fish is a Japanese fish that is very similar to the carp fish. Most Koi fish tattoos have a very Japanese or oriental style to them. We have put together a few really good ones that we hope you will enjoy.

Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning:
According to a Japanese legend: if a Koi fish climbed up the falls at Dragon Gate on the Yellow river, it would turn into a dragon. So for most people, the Koi fish tattoo has a meaning of success, aspiration, and advancement. It also represents having the courage or strength to overcome challenges and obtain goals. So, overall, this is a very positive tattoo.

Check out this awesome video that has a ton of different and colorful koi fish tattoos.

  • The first tattoo in the video is a tattoo on somebody's foot and the fish is blue in color which is really neat.
  • The second one is located on a woman's leg and is extremely detailed. Check out the detail in the scales of the fish and also on the background design of the tattoo. This one is really well done.
  • The third tattoo is on a guy's right arm. This one too is really colorful and the fish this time has a red color to it.
  • Next is a tattoo on a guy's shoulder area. This koi fish tattoo is in a circular design which is unique compared to the others.
  • After the circular one is my favorite tattoo in the whole video. The detail in the one on the woman's back is stunning. I also like how there is no color in it. Sometimes it is best to keep tattoos nice and simple without any color, and this tattoo design does that extremely well.
  • The other tattoos in this video look amazing as well, if you have the time or are considering getting a koi fish tattoo, you should definitely take a look through this video.

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