Mehendi Henna on My Feet in Australia 2012

10:02 AM Anis Widayanti 0 Comments

And they started doing henna designs for people in the local arts and crafts markets. And it is very popular! Has often a line of people waiting in the office. Fortunately for me, it's placed on my feet when I was there with them.

And while we're on the unglamourous subject for consideration at my feet, which may appear anklets my new all I'm totally in love! I have them just before leaving India. They are exactly the same as my mother-in-law. When I looked up offered to take me to the jeweler to get some.

Was a small shop with a large queue of people, some who have been waiting for two hours. But my mother-in-law is a veteran. After that brought five children in Mumbai, and she knows how to do things. She quickly jeweler he was going to Australia that night, but I wanted to make a purchase. They took me to one side, and the transfer of a bag full of silver anklets from under the table. After separation of 3,000 rupees, and I was the proud owner of this divine anklets intricately designed.