Reno Tattoo Mecca

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Reno Tattoo Mecca webzine is a free-lance, non-biased, writing project that my sister and I have started to profile the wide variety of incredible artists and their clients who live in the Reno Nevada area.

We're sure you have heard it said that Reno has more Tattoo shops than ... Elvis has fans, Vegas has casinos, or Lake Tahoe has trees. The point we're trying to make is that in Midtown alone, you can find upwards of 6 or more tattoo shops within a one mile radius, each with unique artists who express their talents and personalities in dynamically different ways. 

We don't see this as a bad thing. In fact we would like Reno to be known as the Tattoo Mecca, hence our name. We are proud of the artists who choose Reno to express themselves. We want to share what makes your shop and your artists unique and tell your story.

Can we share your ink and the stories that bring them to life?

We realize in this industry you have to let the work speak for itself. What makes your work so unique is that you depend on your clients. As your canvas, they allow your artwork to become a conversation piece. 

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Their stories behind your artwork intrigues us. 
We want to know what their ink further reveals.

The Biggest Little City has an appeal all it's own and YOU make up a very tangible part of that appeal. 
We want to partner with you to showcase the role you play when people experience the wonderful world of fresh ink here in Reno.

No(dot dot)el &  Jen