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We thought that this being a web/zine written by two girls,  it was about damn time to get some girl power up on this here site!
We don't even know if it's legal to say the word Adorable combined with a tattoo site but dammit, we are gonna say it anyways -  this girl is Fucking Adorable!!

Tanya Nawrocki, who originally hales from Worcester Massachusetts, started her trek west as a senior in high school when her parents moved to Tennessee. At 19-years-old, Tanya left Tennessee to follow her friends to the Silver State, first settling in Las Vegas. In 2011, she landed in the Biggest Little City, where she's been ever since, and plans to stay for awhile.

One of the reasons we are so excited to share Tanya's story is because there are still so many stigmas attached to women with tattoos. Unfortunately, some still really look down on tattoos, and especially women with tattoos. Although this trend is changing, it is commonly insinuated that a woman with tattoos is considered to be loose or that she's not very feminine. All of these stereo-types are, of course, just that - stereotypes and Tanya blows them all right out of the water.

As a momma of twin 6 year old girls, Katelyn and Kristina,  it's important to her that women aren't  exploited or defined by what they wear or just so happen to have inked on their skin.

"Although tattoo modeling has made females with ink a more acceptable thing to look at, it also objectifies women a lot," Tanya said. "I think with more heavily tattooed women there's always a stigma. I think it's intimidating, especially since I have children. It can be a little weird for other parents. But once they get to know me,  it's different."

Tanya waited until she was 18-years-old before she got her first tattoo on the back of her neck. Living in Johnson City, Tennessee at the time, there were only two tattoo shops to choose from, so Tanya walked into Johnson City House of Ink and picked out her first tattoo. Saves the Day was a band she loved at the time and their logo was a Lotus Flower. She took the image from a limited print t-shirt and the artist created the image.

As a teenager, Tanya found a way to hide it from her parents but as she started to get more tattoos, she had to let them know and they were pissed.

"I think there was a prejudice  in Johnson City," Tanya said. "It's definitely a smaller, more rural area and I don't think it was as widely accepted 10 years ago. It's definitely becoming more widely accepted now."

When she first started getting tattoos, she felt her tattoo options had to be more feminine. As time went on, she thought that getting a cool half sleeve would be fun and then she decided to get her whole arm done. As she learned about tattoos and the artists and began to appreciate the art more it grew from there, and she realized she could get anything she wants.

"Once I started thinking that I'm not limited to roses and birds, I saw that there's so many more designs and artists. I didn't really know about this when I started."

"I'm personally glad that I waited until I was 18-years old!," Tanya said. "If I would have had work  done from high school, I totally would have regretted it. "

When Tanya first moved to Reno,  she worked full-time for Absolute Tattoo.

"I love Reno, Reno is great!" Tanya said. "it's close to everything and there's way more to do."

Now, Tanya has a full-time job elsewhere but continues to help out with Absolute events, like the upcoming Lady Luck Convention that they help sponsor and a recent Toys for Tots Drive that Absolute did in December.

We were curious if Tanya had ever been turned down for a job based on the visible tattoos on her skin and in Tanya's case, this was not an issue.

"I've been fortunate," Tanya said. "However, that being said, I think everyone should really consider getting tattooed in a spot that's visible like your hands and neck."

Tanya explained that where she works currently, the atmosphere is accepting but  if she were to lose her job that may or may not be the case.

"But at the time, I did feel stable in my career to make that decision," Tanya said. "I really hope that will change but it really is a decision that you make yourself so you have to deal with the consequences."

In Tanya's Academy Award of Tattoos here in Reno, the top finalists are Jason from Triumph Tattoo, Mike and Tony from Lasting Dose Tattoo, Chris, Lucas and Joe of Absolute Tattoo and John and Ron from Aces.

Tony of Lasting Dose Tattoo, and the Lucky Cat

Tanya had this tattoo done for her girls, who requested it.  Interesting fact - Tanya knew Tony before he ever worked on her pieces. Over 10 years ago, Tanya met Tony when she she was living in Tennessee and Tony was in a band called  Armed for Battle. She enjoys seeing where they've both come since then.

With the number of pieces Tanya has on her body, less and less space becomes available for art.

"You start looking at your body as available real estate," Tanya said.

Currently, Tanya's first tattoo is in the process of being covered up so that she can have a full back piece in honor of her love for metal music. She plans to get the Grim Reaper.

Tanya's most expensive piece was done at the Lady Luck Convention by Silije from Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland. Tanya really wanted this specific shop as it's 100% vegan friendly. That's when she got the lighthouse on her leg and paid $500 plus a $200 tip saying that if she can tip, Tanya trys to tip the artists.

Tanya used to get stopped more frequently with people asking about her tattoos. At times, she's had people physically reach out and touch her tattoos or grab her arm to take a closer look. Recently, she's reached a point where people look from a distance and start conversations about the pieces instead.

"I know people are curious and I have no problem talking about it," Tanya said, but if I'm walking down the street with my kids, I don't want some gross ass guy touching me. There's a stereotype that heavily tattooed people don't scare about personal space and that's just not true."

Outside of being a walking canvas and getting awesome artwork on her body Tanya also enjoys....
collecting records, baking vegan treats, and banging her head to heavy metal records.

No..el and Jen <3