Lady Luck Expo

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This weekend the Biggest Little City will host the 13th annual Lady Luck Expo at Circus Circus Reno Hotel and Casino.

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What started as a conversation between a few tattoo artists has since turned into a World Class Expo that hosts over 100 tattoo artists from across the country and the world. The Expo provides an entertaining and fun place to gather regionally for those interested in anything tattoo.

We took a few minutes to speak with the creator of the event this past Tuesday and here's what you need to know about Tim Azinger and the Lady Luck Expo.

This Expo isn't Azinger's first rodeo. He's been at it since 1993. In fact, last year was the 22nd annual Expo "Meeting of the Marked" M.O.M. in Monroeville, PA - a similar gathering he started on the East Coast as a new tattoo artist.

For Azinger, this Expo is  his labor of love to all the tattoo artists across the country. So much blood, (literal blood) sweat, and tears goes into organizing these conventions to make them a bad ass event!

"You literally wrap up one convention and a week later you are already planning for next year," Azinger said.

For Azinger, part of what hooked him on establishing these events was the camaraderie among the tattoo artists that you can't get just by working out of your own shop,  and that is how Lady Luck came to be.

Jason Freeman of Triumph Tattoo attended the M.O.M. 13 years ago and mentioned Reno as a hot spot for something similar to take place. The idea was planted and the rest is history!

15 years later, the Lady Luck Expo is now one of the most popular tattoo conventions on the West Coast. 

Azinger has also helped start similar Expos in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle. What Azinger loves about the Reno Expo and what sets this one apart from the other events he does, is both location and tattoo history.

"Reno is well organized and it has a strong tattoo history," Azinger said. "It's a little town but 30 years ago, even the National Tattoo Association helped the city do their first event. It's a good destination spot, being close to San Francisco and Sacramento and its a great draw for the metro cities that aren't too far away."

When asked who some of the artists will be at this year's Expo, Azinger made it clear that he's not promoting a celebrity tattooers event.

"Everyone that's here will be a good, solid, quality tattooer," Azinger said. "It's not about someone being famous and signing autographs. Instead, no matter who comes here is
 going to get a great tattoo."

The Expo is open to the public at 2 pm on Friday and goes until Sunday at 7pm.

Contests for best full back, full sleeve, portrait/realistic, and traditional will happen throughout each day and an after party for Absolute Tattoo's 10 year Anniversary will happen on Saturday night.

A variety of vendors will be there from custom made jewelry, body jewelry, artists who create their own art outside of tattooing, custom clothing line and more. 

"I love having all these tattooers here in town," Azinger said. "I hope people will come out and support the event and make it a great time. We have a lot of great tattooers that are here. We hope you'll take part in the different contests and categories and have a great time. If you are at all interested in anything tattoo, this is a great event to check out."